Logic Tournament

2024 Logic Tournament

2024 Logic Tournament Poster

2024 Logic Tournament

Date: February 7th, 3:45 pm – 6:30 pm

Location: JPII South, 618 W Ripa Avenue, St. Louis MO, 63125

RSVP by January 31st

Tournament Details

The Logic Tournament is designed for students in grades 6-12 with basic math and logic skills. Featuring challenging puzzles and questions, the competition encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Cost: $12.50

Materials provided: Pencils, scratch paper, graph paper, erasers, answer sheets. Please bring your water bottle and snack.


Round One: Team Round (1 hour)

Teams of three work through problems together. Indicate your team partner during sign-up.

15 Minute Break

Round Two: Individual Round (1 hour)

Solve as many problems as you can individually.


Sum score of team round and individual round. Correct answers: 2 points, Blank answers: 0.5 points, Wrong answers: 0 points.

Questions Types

Our Logic Tournaments are in the tradition of Raymond Smullyan’s Logic books, LSAT Logic problems, and simple game theory questions.

Three Example Questions

  1. In the tunnels of the Misty Mountains, there are orcs and goblins. The orcs always tell the truth about themselves and others. The goblins always lie about others. Sadly, you can’t quite tell which is which in the long dark. Two of the creatures approach you. One says “I am a goblin, but he’s a little, ugly orc!” The other sneers, “We are both orcs, liar!” What are the creatures? Truly, neither creature has a very penetrating mind.
  2. Complete the following syllogism.
    Every troll eats either only lamb or only dwarf.
    Gerald is a troll.
    But Gerald does not eat dwarf, for they complain too much.
  3. A Hobbit is trying to organize his 3 pantries and 2 cellars.
    There are five rooms in a row.
    The two cellars must be next to each other.
    One cellar is for wine, the other is for honey.
    The bread pantry may not be next to the cheese pantry.
    The jar pantry must be next to the bread pantry.
    The cheese pantry must be next to the wine pantry.
    What is a possible order of the five rooms (cellars and pantries)?