Fool’s Gold: The Perfect Five-Day School

Here’s my bet: hybrid schools will proliferate over the next 20 years. The advantages of school are obvious: learning at school gives a social dimension for a social creature. Friendship, role models, and social expectations motivate learning. It’s a fact of nature that the formation of the rational soul requires society. There is no geneContinue reading “Fool’s Gold: The Perfect Five-Day School”

Fundraising Prospectus 2022

JPII South opened through the Providential union of several disparate forces: Amy Steppig’s insistence and perseverance, Fr. Waldman’s welcome, the JPII Association of Christian Faithful’s greenlight and support, Mrs. Schmitz’s magnanimous lending of JPII North staff time, and economist Tyler Cowen’s grant through Emergent Ventures. Those good forces all conspired and agreed that classical CatholicContinue reading “Fundraising Prospectus 2022”