What Life is Like in the Hybrid Model

You come to school three days per week. Class time is not wasted with long videos that can be watched at home, loading up dozens of computers on to the same app, or administrative interruptions. Your teachers guide you and your classmates through a lesson, teach you a new skill, and prepare you to accomplishContinue reading “What Life is Like in the Hybrid Model”

Accepting Part-time Homeschoolers

JPII South Campus will accept part-time homeschool students again this year for high school courses. Classes meet 1-3 days per week. The list of courses this year is extremely impressive. Contact us if interested. Price is variable. Email southcampus@johnpaulprep.org *High School 9-10* Sacred ScriptureLatin with immersive literatureAncient History from Early Civilization to the end ofContinue reading “Accepting Part-time Homeschoolers”