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  • Little Windows

    Frog stomachs splayed open with organs set to the side, Arguments about the purpose of organized religion, A research paper on artificial intelligence, A house leader proposing a change in the rules, A Pro-life club member speaking to the young about the value of motherhood, Inked art on a page made as a gift for […]

  • What’s Latin got to do with it?

    What’s Latin got to do with it?

    “What does it even mean to have a successful Latin program?” Someone recently asked me. I can hear the children melodically chanting now from the courtyard, Latin’s a dead language Dead as dead can be, First it killed the Romans,th Now it’s killing me. Okay. The standard defenses of Latin are somewhat okay, “It builds vocabulary, grammatical […]

  • What Life is Like in the Hybrid Model

    What Life is Like in the Hybrid Model

    You come to school three days per week. Class time is not wasted with long videos that can be watched at home, loading up dozens of computers on to the same app, or administrative interruptions. Your teachers guide you and your classmates through a lesson, teach you a new skill, and prepare you to accomplish […]

  • Accepting Part-time Homeschoolers

    Accepting Part-time Homeschoolers

    JPII South Campus will accept part-time homeschool students again this year for high school courses. Classes meet 1-3 days per week. The list of courses this year is extremely impressive. Contact us if interested. Price is variable. Email *High School 9-10* Sacred ScriptureLatin with immersive literatureAncient History from Early Civilization to the end of […]

  • Initiated

    by Amy Steppig I believe it was 2008, not long after the Confirmation of my oldest child and right after the Baptism of the child who would prove to be my last, when I sat down to map out the “Sacramental Calendar” of my seven children.  I wondered how I would manage to keep on […]

  • Celebration Post: End of Our First Year!

    Dear Friends and Families of St. John Paul II South Campus,We did it! Our first year of hybrid, classical, Catholic education in South County. This email is long – so here are its sections! 1.Accomplishments 2. Looking Ahead 3. Thank Yous 1.Accomplishments There should be more hybrid education in the world! Our model promotes personal […]