What Life is Like in the Hybrid Model

You come to school three days per week.

Class time is not wasted with long videos that can be watched at home, loading up dozens of computers on to the same app, or administrative interruptions. Your teachers guide you and your classmates through a lesson, teach you a new skill, and prepare you to accomplish a new task at home the next day. Working with your classmates throughout the day, your shared sense of purpose and fun builds lasting friendships. When the day ends, you depart with your books and notes and assignments in your planner.

On the homeday, you budget your time to read, write, reflect, practice, wander and create. You have a job to do, and you have all tools you need to complete it. Your parents oversee that you are being responsible, and teachers are available by email and phone. Over time you will become the master of your studies and have skills in college that other freshmen have yet to even begin learning – the ability to be independent and to learn on your own.

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